January 2011

The kids have only been in school one day this week because of snow in the DC area. It has been a fun week of sledding, hot cocoa, cookie baking, games, Lego building, snowmen, constant fires, and more. Lazy mornings this week were the best part of our days. I was not rushed getting backpacks […]


When I hear about someone behaving in a hostile manner, witness rage, or read anything written that is filled with hate, I pause. I pause and remember the person attacking others is not happy. This recognition neither helps me shake my feelings of sadness for those affected, nor does it help me contain the lifelong […]


This Writer Revived

January 14, 2011

in Mixed Bag

In mid-December I wrote a piece about learning to dance in the rain. Elizabeth Flora Ross, one of my readers, who is also in a virtual writing group with me, read the piece and then contacted me about her award. On her blog, The Writer Revived, she awards Ross’ Rad Reads to bloggers she enjoys […]


There are twists and turns in life and while we can try to anticipate and plan, it is, to some extent, a futile attempt. If we don’t know what is coming our way, how can we ever be prepared? Simple: expect (and embrace) the unexpected. That is the best way to handle the surprises in […]


When I wrote my first post in April 2010 I had an idea of what I wanted to accomplish, but I have been pleasantly surprised by this writing journey. I have met wonderful people because of my blog, have been inspired by other people’s stories, have fallen in love with the process of writing, and […]

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