February 2011

Twitter was hijacked by Oscar-watching peeps last night. Everyone was snarking over dress, accessories, hair styles and more. Amy Adams, Scarlett Johansson, and Reece Witherspoon were under attack by most tweeting. Now that everyone is exhausted from critiquing Hollywood, I think it is safe to have my very own awards day here without any snarky […]


Blogging anniversaries were a big event at Naked Girl in a Dress until last fall. I wrote each month to share my progress because, as I wrote in one anniversary post, more blogs begin and fail than begin and flourish. I simply wanted celebrate Naked Girl in a Dress each month it survived. With the […]


Dear Motorist, Last week there was unseasonably warm weather for the DC area so I decided to go cycling. I was reminded from my first experience ¬†on the road this season that I should write you to give you some unsolicited advice. Maybe this is rude of me, but I would like to survive my […]


Happiness: how do we feel it more often and hold onto it longer? I believe it isn’t an elusive emotion, but something we attain by recognizing small, joyful moments throughout the day. Stringing those moments together creates a permanent state of mind instead of a fleeting emotion. Some days are more challenging than others, but […]


This has been a week of contemplation. The main focus has been on identifying what I have been holding onto from past experiences and sorting through whether I was ready to let go. Following my separation I recognized that during my marriage I had stuffed all my feelings in a box, tied a pretty bow […]


Clearly I was not in the best mood yesterday. If I tainted anyone’s Valentine’s Day experience with my negative rant, I apologize. And while I do still wonder about “forever,” I have a better perspective today. My post yesterday reminded me again of how fortunate I am to have wonderful readers and friends. I received […]