February 2011

Writing, like relationships, can turn unexpectedly. I can have a plan and be hopeful of the results, but it could end in a way that I have not anticipated. Today I had a wonderful, hope-filled post about finding love and keeping it alive. But after a 20-year marriage that ended, and a complete train-wreck of […]


Last week I announced I was broadening the focus of this blog to include love and relationships. And, leading up to Valentine’s Day, I would post a two week series. The topics so far have included: Not compromising and having a clearly-defined list of qualities wanted in a partner. Love relationships don’t have to be […]


Dating post-divorce involves a different set of questions than when you are single and have not been married. Even if compatibility and chemistry exists, there are a few questions that can be deal-breakers for one or both partners in a new relationship. This might not be true for all budding romances post-divorce, but for many […]


Question: When does receiving a Facebook friend request send you into a panic? Answer: When the guy who sent the request has been on one date with you and doesn’t know about your blog (and you post blog links on Facebook). There are many sites, including Singlemommyhood, with information to help single parents make the […]


I could not wait to write a wrap-up for the week this week because there are a lot of exciting things to share today. Many of you know I was begging for votes for Studio30 Plus’s 2011 Boomerang Awards. I even promised to bake cookies for a few of you in exchange for votes. Well, […]


“You were way out of his league. You know that, don’t you?” When a friend made this comment following a relationship breakup last fall, I didn’t know what to say. In many respects he was right. All of my friends were right actually; each person commenting expressed the sentiment differently, but there was a general […]