July 2012

Last Friday I wrote a scathing piece about the need to boycott the olympics this year. It generated a lot of dialog with 30 comments so far. In addition to the comments, there was a lot of discussion with readers on Twitter and Facebook. As for the blog comments, I was even called anti American […]


Something happens every four years that gets my panties in a knot. It’s not leap year or the U.S. presidential election. For a busy single mom, gaining 24 hours every four years is a blessing. As for the latter, I just treat it as entertainment.┬áThe event I am referring to is much worse in magnitude […]


Today’s guest writer is Leah Carey of The Miracle Journal. She is someone who, no matter how insignificant the contact (e.g., comment of a Facebook post), she makes you feel happy. It’s nothing directed at the person coming in contact with her, but rather her over-abundant amount of grace, inner peace, and happiness. It’s not […]


Last summer when writing my annual Family Summer Activity List post, I stated I knew it would be a challenging summer to balance parenting, work, and school. I was also confident it would be better than the summer before though, which was filled with mediation and attorney appointments. I was right about summer 2011; it […]


Today’s guest writer is Jonah Gibson of Days of Living Aimlessly. He is retired, living life now as an artist and home repairman, as you will read below. He is someone I am connected with in various ways (S30P, Facebook, our blogs), always appreciating our interactions. Once you read his piece here, head over to […]


“What are your qualifications to be writing about relationships?” This question was posed to me recently, which made me laugh. He was being serious and clearly critical of me with his intonation. He was even more displeased when I started laughing. With an undergraduate and masters in Psychology and a former university psychology professor, he […]