A Complaint of Olympic Proportions

Something happens every four years that gets my panties in a knot. It’s not leap year or the U.S. presidential election. For a busy single mom, gaining 24 hours every four years is a blessing. As for the latter, I just treat it as entertainment. The event I am referring to is much worse in magnitude and impact on the United States citizens than a presidential election. The horrible event I am referring to begins today and lasts two, long, painful weeks.

It’s such an “important” event, Google doodlers created this for today:

Google Doodle Sports Olympics

You have probably guessed by now this post is about the summer olympics 2012. Really people of the world? Does anyone have an understanding how highly disruptive this is for baseball? We are in the second half of the season. A very exciting season. So exciting the olympics should have been cancelled or postponed this year.

This isn’t just any baseball season for the olympic 2012 committee to ignore without even a thought to the impact the olympics would have on major league baseball. This is THE YEAR for baseball.

Well, to Nationals fans, at least. Okay, so maybe this is a little bit of an over-the-top suggestion for me to state the olympic committee should have abandoned the games because the Nats are in first place. Here’s a more reasonable approach to the dilemma:

The olympics could still be held this summer, but the U.S. should have boycotted in deference to the Nats. That is probably a more reasonable approach to this problem.

This two week interruption to the greatest baseball season of my lifetime has me on edge as the olympic games open this evening. As someone known for giving advice, here’s what I suggest to survive the next two weeks:

  1. Stay focused on baseball by only watching MASN and MLB stations.
  2. Enforce an olympic black-out in your home for the entire family.
  3. Complain to every restaurant showing olympics over baseball in the bar.
  4. When someone mentions olympics 2012 in a conversation, pull out a non-sequitor about baseball to redirect the discussion.

I have a piece of advice for Google too.

Hey Google. Doodle this.

Stephen Strasburg Nationals

It’s Friday and even though we have the olympics craziness starting tonight, I am still in a great mood. Here’s something that’s helping to keep my spirits up: the pick for Song of the Week this week:


Happy non-olympic watching Friday to you all!



37 responses to “A Complaint of Olympic Proportions”

  1. This is why I’m glad I’m not really a sports person. I get aggravated so easily for so many other things, having my favorite sporting event disrupted is just one less thing I have to worry about.

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      That’s true Vinny, but you lead a sad, empty life not being a Nationals fan. It’s just something to consider. No pressure.

    2. Ha! THIS is where your true personality comes out and shines like a diva queen! I am fucking LOVING this side of you. Please bring her out more often. She is sassy. Funny. And I so want to clink my glass to hers as we dive into our 4th cosmo…

    3. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Thanks Marie!

      I will let her out more often just for you. Cosmos with you would be fun. And awesome. Probably scary too.

  2. One of my favorite memories of the 1996 atlanta games was watching baseball. we stunk that year but watching Cuba and Japan and The Netherlands and Puerto Rico was fun.


    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Ohh, I was waiting for someone to call me a communist over this post. I am honored the first one came from you, my friend. If you were a Nats fan, you would completely agree with me. Hey, when the Braves are out post season you can switch to rooting on the Nats though!

  3. I’m heartened to know that there is someone else who wants more MLB than NBA-posing-as-amateur-athletes-in-London. My MLB At Bat app is is ready to make up the deficit when we get our games pre-empted by Tajikistan vs. Kyrgyzstan in the archery semi-finals.

    The only downside I see to this post is which team you want to see winning. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m all for young Mr. Strasburg doing well and the Nationals having a whiz-bang season. But c’mon! Could they at least stop winning each time the Phillies win, so we can climb out of the NL East basement? Show a Phanatic some love!

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Awesome comment about archery semi-finals. I love that! And it’s TRUE!

      The Nats have struggled with losing this year and I know it has affected all the other NL East teams. We just keep winning.

  4. Boycott the Summer Games in deference to the Nationals?? That’s a clown move bro. :P

    In all seriousness, I back you 100%, though I’m a Cards fan, not a Nat’s fan. I have zero interest in watching a single solitary moment of the London Olympics this Summer, and it will not be televised in my house. There will be 16 Cards games on TV between tonight and August 12, and I would guess I’ll watch them all.

    I applaud you for calling the US, nay the World! out on their trangression during the MLB pennant race.

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Even though you are a Cardinals fan, I appreciate your solidarity with the anti-olympic movement I am trying to start.

  5. My mindless ramble on baseball or Olympic stuff doesn’t really matter, because I’m no fan of either. But I wanted to say I love this post. Made me giggle. Have an awesome weekend and you tell em !!!

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Thanks Monkey Butt! I hope you have a great weekend as well.

  6. Who on the Olympic Committee was in charge of the crystal ball? When they chose 2012, did they NOT SEE the Nationals having a kick-ass season?

    Seriously, all the American athletes who have realized their life-long dream of going to the Olympics have a lot of nerve. *humph*


    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Well then then the 2012 olympic committee really wasn’t qualified to serve. It’s that simple.

    2. HAHAHAHA. I don’t really care about either, but just for you, I’ll say YAY NATIONALS! (and then maybe secretly watch a little diving… but that’s all)

    3. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Ha! I converted you today! Happy day for me. One more Nats fan.

  7. There are channels other than MASN, MLB and ESPN??? WHAT??? Yeah, I’ll stick to watching the Nats pull further and further ahead of the stinking braves and the foul mets and the rented Marlins, thank you very much.

    Your priorities are exactly where they should be.

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Oh, I knew you would agree with me Joe. It’s our year and some damn two-week-long media extravaganza is not going to get in the way of that.

    2. Actually, [Maris] and I are sports junkies, so this really will be a tough couple of weeks. We already have several DVR’d Strasburg games to watch (since lately it seems ALL of his weekday starts are day games).

      I hope the Nats can go all the way. It’s been SO hard to be a sports fan around here for SO long.

    3. Naked Girl in a Dress

      This will be a bought two weeks for you then. I think our boys can go all the way this year.

  8. Oh, the Olympics are on? Thank goodness for Hulu! :-)

    Actually, my relatives in the UK are not thrilled either; they say the air is unbreathable, it’s too hot and crowded and the disruption is “annoying to those of us who enjoy a little civility.” Can’t please everyone! :-)

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      That’s funny Brook! I could see the difficulty of living in a city hosting the olympics and being bothered by all the disruption. That’s almost as bad as the disruption to the Nats season. :)

  9. I love that you are a passionate Nationals fan. Every year is rough for me. I’m die-hard Cubs. And this year, my second favorite team the Rockies (I live in Denver) suck just as bad. I admit I have been watching the Nats highlights and boxscores. Lots of young exciting players. You could be set for years. But one year at a time!

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      I don’t want to jinx us saying we could be set for years because everyone will be trying to raid our team for our best players. I just hope we can stay in tact and continue to build.

  10. It’s darn un American if ya ask me!! If the Olympics isn’t bad enough I watched Sports Center today and they’re already going gaga over football season already! Pahhlease!

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Oh, don’t even get me started on football. THAT sport takes over at an even more critical time in baseball–late August through the World Series. I am not sure I could ever date a serious football fan as a result.

  11. calsgr8

    GOTTA Disagree. As much as I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY NATS, they are not on 24 hours a day. The NATS have 181 games every year. Olympics? Only once every 4! What are you? Anti-American that you can’t root for our AMERICAN athletes! Just kidding but NO BOYCOTT FOR ME!

    BTW, Bring Baseball and Softball back to the Olympics! I went in 1996 and had a blast watching our team win!

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Thanks for the funny comment and visiting today!

  12. My favorite thing about this post…is the big ad for the Olympics that Google is running at the top of your right column. :-)

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      I know. That cracks me up too!! I ran with a friend today and she asked, “Do you really hate the Olympics?” I don’t actually, but wanted to write a humor post and I am completely obsessed with the Nats right now. I can’t stay focused on baseball and immerse myself in the olympics too.

    2. It’s all good – you just have to have clear priorities. :-)

    3. Naked Girl in a Dress

      My priorities are definitely clear. They might be a little crazy, but definitely clear.

  13. Baseball isn’t an Olympic sport, is it? Imagine how much worse it would be if they *also* stole all your best players for a couple of weeks! ;)

    Personally, I’m loving the Olympics this year :)

  14. This genuinely made me laugh. I’m reluctant to mention that I’m not a big baseball fan. I’m more an obsessed football grunt, but I can appreciate missing out on my games during winter olympics.

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      I am so glad you enjoyed this post, Tara!

  15. Aren’t you glad that baseball season is right around the corner again?

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      I am, Kimberly. Life is empty without it.