September 2012

In the time I have been single, I have learned a few important things from dating: The first kiss isn’t an indicator of chemistry. A toe-curling first kiss isn’t a foreshadowing of a long-lasting physical connection. The first date is typically a dance, searching for both a romantic stirring as well as obtaining information to […]


Lucky Me

September 14, 2012

in Song of the Week

The last four years of my life have been a series of ups and downs: divorce, heartbreak, financial uncertainty, love, financial certainty, and more. I have made sure I counted blessings in the bad times and didn’t take for granted the good that came my way. Part of being happy is choosing to recognize the […]


Most of us don’t experience significantly sorrowful or joyful days daily. We mostly live the life that is in between. It’s best we live in this space because having extreme events or emotions daily–good or bad–would be exhausting. Grey skies lead to a focus on surviving the difficulty. We dig deep into our reserves to […]


Tenacious. That’s one adjective a man used to describe himself to me on a first date a month ago. I thought I understood the definition of tenacious before I started dating him, but he has shown me I really didn’t understand the meaning. Tenacious is when a man is interested in a woman, but is […]


Standing at the edge of the lake early Sunday morning before starting the swim for Iron Girl Rocky Gap triathlon, many emotions were brewing. I thought about what was happening in my life the last time I competed in a triathlon, which was 15 long months ago. So much had changed. I was now divorced, […]


It’s understandable for readers to take vacations, spend time at the pool, and drink a lot of fruity drinks with umbrellas throughout the summer. Maybe some finally decided to read the Shades of Grey series–hopefully on the Kindle so no one knew the book being devoured at the baby pool was mommy porn. With the […]