Making Time to Learn and Bond

September 20, 2013
Fully embracing life and being happy has been a goal that has remained a constant in my life since the split from my ex. In fact, shortly after our separation, I made a bucket list. Not things I wanted to do at an advanced age, but rather experiences I wanted to have in my life […]
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Holiday Shopping Goal: Find & Save

September 19, 2013
Sean and I have a busy life with work, five kids between us, a new home to decorate, and a wedding to plan. So last weekend when Sean brought up we should be Christmas shopping now to keep holiday craziness to a minimum, I immediately wondered how we would find the time. I have never […]
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What’s Under Your Rug?

September 16, 2013
All of us have something under our rug. It might be as small as a corn kernel or as big as a corpse, but I am confident we each have something we have happily swept under the rug, thinking it’s easier to place it there than deal with it. Thankfully we all come equipped with […]
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A Special Seat in Hell

September 12, 2013
“Your dad is a good person, but we aren’t good together.” This is the greatest level of detail my children received from me regarding their dad, our problems, and the resulting divorce. There was more to the ongoing discussion about our change in family structure, but that was the standard line given to answer the […]
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A Taste of the Empty Nest Life

August 13, 2013
Eight years. That’s all that separates this busy mom of two (soon to be five) kids from the group known as empty nesters. While my days are normally spent attending client meetings, working in the office, cooking, shuttling kids to practices, exercising, and everything else I seem to squeeze in a single day, I was […]
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TeeSpring: A Solution to School and Sport Fundraisers

August 4, 2013
For a majority of parents, this is the month kids go back to school. With that comes PTA meetings, school fundraisers, and team sports. There are countless ways to raise money for organizations, but one of the easiest has to be TeeSpring. Take 10 minutes to design a shirt on their website, share a link […]
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