Making Time to Learn and Bond

Guitar lessons as adultFully embracing life and being happy has been a goal that has remained a constant in my life since the split from my ex. In fact, shortly after our separation, I made a bucket list. Not things I wanted to do at an advanced age, but rather experiences I wanted to have in my life now. That list was my go-to happy place when there were difficulties during the separation and divorce. I may not have had the time or money to accomplish some of my bucket-list items, but it was great to take a break from reality to read through what I wanted in my near future. Some have been accomplished, others lessened in importance, and a few new items were added to the list.

This week something was checked off; I am starting guitar lessons. I have a guitar, beginning lesson book, a great instructor, and a song book for The Lumineers. What I never imagined when I added music lessons to my list years ago, was that  a (step)son would be my teacher. He is also the main reason I finally bought the guitar.

Not having time to learn an instrument has been holding me back for several years, but an opportunity to work one-on-one with my son has me really excited for this adventure. We have a great relationship that I know will simply improve with our new activity. Best of all, I think it will increase my son’s confidence in his playing ability, and, through teaching,  he will likely improve as a guitarist.

At 44, I am looking forward to learning something new, and equally excited about the opportunity to learn from my son.

What are you putting off starting?

What will it take for you to begin?


For Song of the Week, it has to be The Lumineers since I have their song book for my guitar lessons. Here’s the song I most want to learn, “Ho, Hey:”