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The Power of Words

January 7, 2013

in Life Lessons

Words. Used wisely, they spark many emotions in a person, including make someone smile, laugh, feel loved, create a sense of safety, or build esteem. Used irresponsibly, words can do serious damage to another. They can cause hurt feelings, create doubt, instill instability, bring on feelings of worthlessness, and create sorrow to name a few. […]


Restoring Our Faith

December 16, 2012

in Life Lessons

When a tragedy strikes, we, as a nation, grieve with the victims and their families. We feel touched by the heartbreaking accounts when the tragedy is a natural disaster, but so much more when the tragic event is caused by another human being. Loss is loss–no less significant if children are swept away by a […]


There is an unprecedented amount of passion surrounding the presidential election this year. Spend five minutes on Facebook for confirmation. There’s an endless stream of politically-oriented postings, and vitriolic dialog erupting regularly.┬áSome posts are funny, while others are hateful. A certain percentage are factually correct, while the remaining are inaccurate. The emotional frenzy over this […]


On Claims and Karma

June 14, 2012

in Guests

Guest writers for Naked Girl in a Dress are planned at least a month in advance, but the writing schedule for my own posts is much closer to the published dates. That means the guest writers during the current series were chosen before I plotted out the posts I would be writing. Last week we […]