Kid Free

Our weekends are often filled with tasks we need to accomplish around the house, activities planned with the kids, menu planning and grocery shopping for the next week, a little work time, extra training time, socializing with friends, and more. We know how to slow down and do, but rarely can we successfully achieve a […]


Five days. That is what is in the way of me seeing Mumford and Sons in concert. A special night early in dating Sean, I shared the band with him. He fell in love. With me and the band, but probably the band first. Mumford has a special significance for us, and we can’t wait […]


Six weeks. That’s how long it has been since Sean and I had a kid-free weekend. I think we have forgotten what to do with all the time that won’t be spent cooking for a crowd, attending kid sporting events, playing X-Box, board games, or going to a PG movie. I know this weekend will […]


Amy from Kid-Free Living is the guest today. She is a funny, talented writer I love to visit regularly. While she is happily kid-free, today she ‘outed’ herself as being a mommy to a furry little guy. What we learn is this dog just might have her wrapped around his little puppy paw. It’s a […]