Relationships with Expiration Dates

100 Word Song

My romantic relationships have always come with expiration dates. I can’t always clearly read the date or know the circumstances, but each will perish.

This isn’t the healthiest way to start a relationship, searching closely for a date stamp. There will be new beginnings and I should expect some endings, but when the right man comes my way, I need to be open to forever.

I haven’t been able to avoid “the end” yet, but I think the answer to forever lies in between the beginning and end; it will come from loving and living each day in the middle.



This week’s Song of the Week is in response to my friend Lance’s 100 Word Song challenge. He provides the song, and each writer has exactly 100 words to write about the inspiration from the song. This week’s song: John Legend’s “Everybody Knows.”

This exercise started out with an idea to write a 100 word poem for this challenge, and ended with what you just read. This exercise was maddening, which is why I will do it again; it’s a great stretch for me as a writer.

Thanks for hosting this each week, my friend!






12 responses to “Relationships with Expiration Dates”

  1. Love it! I gotta get in on that 100 word action next week!

    We all definitely need to embrace the idea that while the past ones may have had those dates stamped on them, the right one doesn’t *have* to bear an end-mark. Those we’ve moved on from weren’t supposed to last. They helped shape us into who we are so we’ll be ready for the one that does :)

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Lance posts each Tuesday and it runs for a week. If you have time this weekend, you can still submit! The whole poem idea while not being a poet was temporary insanity, and made it more difficult than it needed to be. Next week will be much easier for me. I can’t wait to read your first submission!

      You are right; I have learned from the past and each subsequent one has felt better and closer to what I want forever to look like. It’s progress!

  2. yes, it’s open til next Tuesday. And if Kelly will accept the offer, she can pick Tuesday’s new song.

    I love the honesty and the interpretation. great work.

    go Braves

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Thanks for the invite to pick! It’s an evil plot to rope me into a near nervous breakdown again this week; I just know it. I am looking forward to writing to the prompt based upon what I sent you for 100 Word Song this week.

  3. I think ‘in the middle’ is all we can ever really know for sure.

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      You are right, Jessie. I am working on focusing on that in between, knowing that might be the answer to forever.

  4. Love it! Well said, totally honest, and yes as someone who had several (that’s gay for “many many many”) relationships before I finally met the right guy, the answer is definitely with what lies in the middle, the everyday stuff.

    I gotta do Lance’s challenge one of these days…

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Thanks, Brahm!

  5. Michael Davis

    This song is a R&B record crammed full of soul and styled almost to perfection by the rich texture such a mellifluous croon lends. Easy on the ear and its only real shortcoming being that it doesn’t have a trademark piano solo, it’s guaranteed to reach your heart and rouse a smile.

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Thanks for visiting, Michael. It was a wonderful exercise, participating in Lance’s link up.

  6. Oh the dreaded implied expiration date. I know it well. Some I let linger too far passed, others I preemptively throw out just in case. It’s tricky stuff!

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      I am trying to stop assuming we will be breaking up in the near future. It’s really not a good approach to relationships. It is tricky. Agreed!