I want to fire my divorce attorney…and here’s the song of the week

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Getting a divorce sucks. I cannot think of a more eloquent way to state this fact.

We have resolved all but two issues to finalize this divorce. However, discussions are getting hot, inflammatory words are being used, and I am getting really angry.

I am not sure having an attorney represent me is working well either. I think it is time to shake things up a bit so that the two issues remaining can be resolved quickly.

Replacing a woman with a briefcase for a woman with a chainsaw might be what is needed.

Listen to this song…

What do you think? Would Pink represent me?

Would you want to sit across the mediation table from Pink??

Happy Friday!!

Photo: Courtesy Sony BMG Canada






14 responses to “I want to fire my divorce attorney…and here’s the song of the week”

  1. Yes, divorce does suck. And you do have to be your own advocate – attorney or not – to make sure your interests are protected. Drinking some wine never hurts!

  2. I am divorced. It was 2 years final on May 13!!! Let me know if you have questions, want to vent, whatever. I am NOT an attorney but am very realistic and love to help others going through a divorce! There is nothing like someone who has been there. And I LOVE LOVE SO What by Pink! I jam it out on my Ipod all the time!!!!

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Thank you Barb! i appreciate your offer to connect and provide some support. it is hard to go through this and I am trying to stay positive and keep focused on finishing this so that I can move on with my life.

  3. Jen

    ha ha! Love it! If Pink refuses to take your case, I will chop my hair off, dye it pink and run to the home depot to purchase a chainsaw…I can be a bad B***H too, you know? LOL, yea right!

  4. Attorneys are sometimes so hard to work with. Good luck. Have a fun weekend.

  5. :-) I’ve never really paid attention to the words of that song and I’ve never seen the video. Now, I think it is my theme song and it will play in my head every time I think of HIM.

    I think my lawyer sucked as well. He wasn’t really working in my best interest and didn’t follow through or help me like I think he should have.

    I’m with Jen: We’re there for you in a heartbeat. If she does the pink hair then I’ll do bright red. Yup, divorce sucks big time!

  6. T


    I like the idea though. Hope it gets resolved soon!!


  7. Great song, fantastic video! Keep your eye on the prize, all will work out.

  8. She would DEFINITELY represent you. And she would make sure it was fast and dirty! Dirty as in you get everything you want and he’s left thinking what the hell just happened!

    Good luck. Never been through it, hope I never have to.

  9. Jenni

    I have yet to start any divorce proceedings. I’m waiting until I move out to CA. And we’ve agreed to go with a no fault, because I just want to be detached from my ex as soon as possible! Plus he really has nothing I want..

    But regardless, good luck! I hope your two final issues get resolved soon!

    And this is the first time I’ve seen the music video for that song. It’s hilarious!

  10. apathy lounge

    I think a chainsaw would make an excellent point.

  11. Naked Girl in a Dress

    Jen: Thank you for offering to be a Pink impersonator!
    Mary, T, Mark: Thanks!
    Petula: Thank you for your offer of support.
    AKeo: I think the process would move more quickly with Pink by my side. (: Loved your post on Chick-Fil-A!
    Jenni: I will be here for you if you need anything as you start the process. Good luck on the move!
    Apathy Lounge: Yes, chainsaw is a great idea!

  12. Grace

    My attorney tried to fire ME the week my divorce was settled, saying my husband and his attorney were “difficult.” duh! My advice (I know you want it)! Fantasize about having Pink rep you, and stick it out with your attorney just to get it over with. Hang in there, and for what it’s worth, I’m rooting for you.

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Thank you Grace!

      I think your advice to hang tough with attorney and pretend Pink is representing me is a great idea. Maybe this will help with the next mediation session. I might be able to stick up for myself more successfully with this approach.