Scheduling Time for Having Fun

omnifocus Fun.

That’s the new project in my OmniFocus task management system. It might seem sad that I had to add a project to have fun, but it’s a way to ensure fun activities don’t become lost in a sea of business and personal responsibilities. The goal is to have even more fun than I do now, not add fun for the first time.

The project folder doesn’t contain everyday fun like playing games with my kids or watching a movie with my fiancé. Instead it holds tasks to complete like putting on the calendar seeing a museum exhibit that is only in town for a month or booking a reservation for an activity for Sean and me. My fun folder holds all the things I would not normally take time for myself to do.

This catch-all place for fun has quickly become my go-to place to write a note to myself about a book I want to read, a restaurant to try for the first time, or a reminder for concert tickets going on sale. Just as we capture to-do tasks for home repairs, cleaning, bill paying and appointment setting, so too should there be a way to capture fun ideas we read or hear about from others.

Last year I accomplished a lot in my life that made me happy. Many of the fun goals I set, though, were abandoned for other important areas of my life. My hope in 2013 is to have another great year, but with a little more fun sprinkled in.

How do you ensure the fun, just-for-you activities happen?

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4 responses to “Scheduling Time for Having Fun”

  1. I totally need to start scheduling more fun time. And no that doesn’t necessarily mean breaking your rules all the time.

    Though that is loads of fun. For me anyway.

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Yes, I know you enjoy breaking rules! You haven’t lately. It’s been disappointing.

  2. I don’t make time for fun just for me. But that is definitely something I need to change about my life.

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      I think you have some Saturday free time coming up, Kimberly! I don’t either, but I am going to this year. Even if I only do a few times in the year, it’s better than 2012. All I am looking for is progress.