Valentine’s Day Survival Tips for Men

valentines day giftTomorrow is the big day. It’s the annual make-or-break day for men; you will be back on the market for a girlfriend after screwing up the most important romantic day of the year or, if married, sleeping on the sofa indefinitely. Thankfully, the Naked Girl is here to save the day. Even if you just started thinking about what to get the special woman in your life instead of planning this uber-important holiday 364 days ago, fear not. With my advice, you will survive tomorrow.

Top 3 Valentine’s Day Gift Tips

  • Be creative- Are you getting flowers? It’s fine if you do, but no carnations. Skip the baby’s breath too. Roses are a bit overdone as well. I actually suggest wishing flowers. Explain their significance, preferably with your foot wedged in the door to avoid being slammed shut, to the special woman in your life. They are not in season right now though. And florists don’t sell them. So, good luck with this gift idea. Maybe think of something else creative.
  • Express yourself- Share your heartfelt thoughts about the special woman in your life. As long as your feelings are sentimental and somehow tie into how lucky you are to have your woman in your life. There are tons of cards with lovely thoughts already written out. You don’t have to write anything. Bonus! Warning: if you think Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark-driven, commercially-fabricated holiday, keep those thoughts to yourself.
  • Make her happy-Admittedly, this seems the most difficult. If you are reading this post the day before Valentine’s Day, you obviously needed my professional advice because you couldn’t figure this one out on your own. Think back over the last several months (the times when you were listening to what your loved one was actually saying), what did she say she loved? My guess is that she has been dropping hints for you the last few months so you know what she wants if you focus just a little bit.

As a famous relationship writer, I know every man reading this will be clamoring to follow every detail I have provided. But I must also send you to another relationship expert: Ned. Specifically, Ned from Ned’s Blog. It’s important to get the female and male perspective before finalizing the special day for your woman, and Ned’s your guy. The advice to visit Ned is as solid as the wishing flower advice. I swear. While I can tell you to express yourself, Ned can break it down in guy-speak to explain exactly how to do it. He understands his species on a level I will never understand. A good example:

“It’s not that we don’t want to be romantic. We just have a hard time expressing our emotions and allowing ourselves to become THAT vulnerable again so soon after the Super Bowl.”

So, go visit Ned and tell him the Naked Girl relationship expert sent you to him for the last bit of help. Between the advice we both give, you too can survive create the day and evening of your lovely lady’s dreams tomorrow.

Disclaimer: While, as a relationship expert, this is my professional opinion, I am not liable for any of the advice (especially the wishing flower idea) negatively affecting your relationship or the chiropractic care you might need as a result of your new sleeping arrangement.



17 responses to “Valentine’s Day Survival Tips for Men”

  1. Excellent advice, and thanks for the nod :) And men, just to clarify about the “wishing flowers” thing: Their lack of availability right now is an analogy, i.e., if you show up with nothing for Valentine’s Day, the only one you’ll have to worry about pleasing after that is yourself. So, get the flowers and find a card before it’s to late…

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      It’s great to partner up with you to help save men from ruin (and possible bodily harm) Valentine’s Day this year. Okay-everyone over to Ned’s blog. NOW!

  2. Excellent advice. Should be especially helpful to the novices and/or sitcom chichés among us. I believe, however, that it is even easier than following your expert advice, if one is with the right person.

    My three rules are:
    1) Be with the right person. (really, if you are, the rest is automatic)
    2) Pay attention.
    3) Know each other’s expectations, and meet/exceed them.

    2 and 3 are easy if you’re already on the same page. That’s why [Maris] gets flowers I know she loves, and why she got them today.

    Because Hallmark can’t tell us when we have to say “I love you,” or how!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      So sweet, Joe! I know you are with the right person because Maris is a Nats fan. That says it all. Really. :) Seriously, I love when you share about Maris; you two have a great relationship.

    2. Thanks Kelly!
      It’s true that [M] and I are a strange, happy, fightless couple. I sometimes worry about that. And knowing her the way I do, it’s tricky business sharing anything about her, as she is intensely private. That’s why I rarely use her real name anywhere on the interwebz! :)

    3. Naked Girl in a Dress

      You all are great together!

  3. I think I’ve expressed my sentiments enough regarding V.D. All the same, she made it easy this year by requesting an erotic novel.

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Oh, I can’t wait to read what this is all about!!

  4. Knowing your woman is important too. My wife HATES when flowers get sent to her. HATES IT. So it’s pretty importnat that I don’t send her flowers. Take note, dudes, not only of what she likes but of what she hates!

    1. As I mentioned on my blog, you make a very good point, in that you should make sure to KNOW the woman in your life before choosing an appropriate gift to signify your love. Not knowing the woman in their life is a mistake that many stalkers make…

    2. Naked Girl in a Dress

      I am so happy people went to visit you, Ned. I have been enjoying reading older posts of yours now that our mutual friend CV “introduced” us!

    3. Thanks, NG — Really glad we were introduced as well. I’m looking forward to following your stuff, but not in a creepy way…

    4. Naked Girl in a Dress

      You have an excellent point. I hope you and Mrs. TB had a great Valentine’s Day.

  5. Awesome post :) I myself am not much of a fan of the day, but I think it’s wonderful when men go out of their way to be romantic, even if Hallmark tells them so. I think what you say here is incredibly important: pay attention to what your gf/wife/SO likes. It’s so simple and can mean so much!

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Agreed! I hope you had a great day with Brian.

  6. “if married, sleeping on the sofa indefinitely.” It’s a pretty nice sofa. ~ Jack

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      And sometimes the sofa is preferable.