Finding Calm in the Crazy

finding calm in writingMy life has been crazy this year.

I planned a wedding, got married, launched a new blogazine, and merged two houses into one a couple of weeks before the wedding. And that was all in the first five months of the year. I went on to have the four younger kids here for a month, served as main taxi service to sports and camps, and helped my oldest just a few weeks before fall semester to re-enroll in college. After we got our oldest situated in school and moved into our home, Sean and I kicked off our major home renovation plans. With the big overhaul to the house happening, we will be living is some state of disarray for many months to come. Oh, and my business has more than doubled in size this year–so work has kept me very busy through all of this.

While it’s all been positive, I am ready to slow down. This isn’t the easiest goal to set for myself though. I am still a mom with five kids, and have a house that will have sections of it torn apart on a regular basis from now until spring. My business isn’t going to slow down either, and the kids’ sport schedules will continue. I know life will remain busy.

What I can do, to get to a less crazy place, is to find moments to be still–whether it’s my body or mind slowing down. This morning, it was enjoying my cup of coffee on the deck and writing before starting my workday.

Here are ideas I came up with to bring about calm in the midst of the crazy:

  • Read
  • Work in the garden.
  • Go for a walk.
  • Play a game with the kids.
  • Go on an adventure.
  • Sit outside and enjoy the cooler weather.
  • Write (for this website)
  • Go for a run on the canal.
  • Practice guitar.
  • Date night with my husband.
  • Organize something (the end result always makes me happy).
  • Cook
  • Schedule time with a girlfriend.

Even in the busiest of days, I know at least one thing on this list could be done daily. And with that, a little calm can be added into my crazy.

Tell me: what do you do that helps you to slow down?