September 2011

Schmutzie, blogger and web designer extraordinaire (she created this site’s masthead), recently wrote a post with the five best decisions she has made in her life. It was a great piece that was actually inspired by Karen Walrond, who tweeted her five best decisions. Late last night after I read Schmutzie’s top five, I started […]


“Mom, we need 25 helium balloons, a video camera, and a homing device,” said Monkey last night at dinner. The topic of discussion was planning an adventure for the three of us. This is something we do quite often. Not shooting video in outer space (Monkey’s idea), but rather planning adventures. I firmly believe to […]


Good thoughts. It is that simple. Or so my son told me recently. As we were driving, out of nowhere, my son announced: “Good thoughts make good things happen.” It’s simple, but also true. I have written often about seeking the positive in challenging situations and that our perspective guides our own happiness. We shape […]


Jumping Into Life

September 23, 2011

in Life Lessons

On a recent rainy, puddle-filled run I stretched out and leaped, not to avoid a huge puddle, but to land my foot in the middle of it. I quickly felt a wave of cool water enter my shoes as water also splashed up my leg. The squish I felt with each step as I ran […]


I am Not a Tree

September 22, 2011

in Life Lessons

“If you don’t like where you are then change it. You are not a tree.”* Change. It is such a difficult thing for most of us. Even if happiness is elusive in our current situation, a paralyzing fear can take hold to keep us from making a change. The thought of doing something different or […]


A Recipe for Happiness

September 19, 2011

in Life Lessons

  My sister was recently looking through our late grandmother’s recipe box. In between the recipes for blueberry muffins and chocolate pound cake she came across a different type of recipe; my sister found a recipe for a happy life. Written in our grandmother’s handwriting, this is what my sister discovered: THE WAY TO HAPPINESS […]