September 2012

Never. That used to be my answer. I didn’t see a reason to unnecessarily bring my kids into a relationship that probably would not last. When I fell in love with a man last year, the answer changed to: Months into the relationship (and slowly). As he was becoming more a part of my life, it […]


“Do you expect to find someone who will be in precisely the same place emotionally as you throughout the relationship?” Pushing him away, trying to slow him down with the relationship seemed ridiculous once he asked the question. I can’t control what another feels or how soon he arrives at the emotion. I didn’t want […]


Naked Girl in the Jungle

September 25, 2012

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Naked Girl in a Dress is about rediscovering life and love at any age. My little home on the internet focuses on my aim to live free, happy, and uninhibited following my divorce. Writing here, and living more authentically, has led me on an exciting journey; it’s been a rewarding, enriching life these last four […]


My romantic relationships have always come with expiration dates. I can’t always clearly read the date or know the circumstances, but each will perish. This isn’t the healthiest way to start a relationship, searching closely for a date stamp. There will be new beginnings and I should expect some endings, but when the right man comes my […]


Man, I Feel Like a Woman

September 20, 2012

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Today’s guest writer’s opening is a how-we-met story. It’s accurate, but I am going to add a little detail. CV from Cubicle Views joined Studio30 Plus. He was excited to dive in, but didn’t know any of the submission guidelines or anything for that matter. Links supposed to go to the site email address were sent […]


Never one to focus on having regrets in life doesn’t mean I don’t wistfully think it would be nice for a do-over at times. In my marriage the constant theme for a do-over was simply laughter; I would have loved to have married someone who made me laugh, a deep, soul-satisfying belly laugh, daily. When […]