Are there any blogs you visit and consistently find yourself laughing? Hollow Tree Ventures is a perfect example of a site where you will enjoy the writing and are guaranteed to leave with a smile on your face. The talent behind the blog is Robyn, the multi-talented mother of five kids. I am so grateful […]


Last Friday I wrote a scathing piece about the need to boycott the olympics this year. It generated a lot of dialog with 30 comments so far. In addition to the comments, there was a lot of discussion with readers on Twitter and Facebook. As for the blog comments, I was even called anti American […]


Something happens every four years that gets my panties in a knot. It’s not leap year or the U.S. presidential election. For a busy single mom, gaining 24 hours every four years is a blessing. As for the latter, I just treat it as entertainment. The event I am referring to is much worse in magnitude […]


Life can be simultaneously joyous and challenging. It is something I recognize daily with our family life right now. It is probably inaccurate calling what we are living ‘family life.’ It would be more precise to call it ‘baseball life.’ Family life is having leisurely dinners together each night followed by a movie, trip for […]


I asked Suniverse from The Suniverse to be a guest here because she is funny. And outrageous. Oh, and I like her a lot. Those are my reasons. You will find reasons for liking her as well. My guess is that it will start with her funny guest piece below and then will continue to […]


The internet is where I spend most of my work day. Without fail I stumble upon something daily that makes me laugh. It could be an image, funny tweet, or, in this case, a video. This is my favorite this week. It’s hilarious. Enjoy “Call Me Maybe” performed by the Harvard baseball team.