Together as a Family

family argumentLast night there was a family spat that resulted in tears for three of us. The details of what happened will remain private since it involves the kids, but what I feel compelled to share is Sean’s reaction to the challenge we faced.

The argument happened in the car. When we arrived home, Sean was welcoming three people crying and blurting out details of the fight. He was thrust into the drama quite unexpectedly, but handled it in such an impressive way. When I was a teary mess, he stepped up and took charge.

Instead of the date we had planned, Sean spent the evening drying tears and working towards a family resolution. He made sure each of us involved in the argument was okay one on one, and then as a group. After it was clear we had all settled down, he went to pick up dinner so we didn’t have to cook. Before leaving Sean kissed me and said, “Everything is going to be okay. We will work through things like this together as a family.”

What resonated was “together as a family.” Sean and I aren’t married yet. He is still in his warranty phase (can still get out of the commitment to marry me), but remains solidly planted in our life together. With five kids between the two of us, two who are teens, there are more challenges just like last night in our future. But I know I have a solid partner by my side, each step of the way. We will work through any family issue–big or small–united in the goal of raising a group of happy, loving kids.

Yesterday I had fun writing my post about Sean breaking our wedding vows (also known as my list of demands). We laughed about the post itself and comments from readers. And then, a few hours later, I was able to watch this man in action, making sure our family was in a good place.

The list of reasons why I love Sean grows each day. Last night was a perfect example.

For Song of the Week this week, I want to share a band Sean and I love. When I was in the I-am-never-marrying-you phase of dating Sean, I told him if he took me to a Mumford and Sons concert, I would marry him. At the time the band only had tour dates in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and US cities west of the Rockies; I felt safe in that comment. Of course, ever the tenacious man, I said yes a month before Christmas, which is when he surprised me with  concert tickets.

Here’s Mumford and Sons “Lover of the Light:”


Happy Friday!






2 responses to “Together as a Family”

  1. He bought you tickets to Mumford & Sons? Went out to get take-out so you didn’t have to cook AFTER taking control on a family spat? He’s a keeper. Actually, stop talking about him before somebody steals him away… as if THAT could ever happen! All this love and happiness couldn’t have happened to a better person.

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      He is a keeper Marie, and I will always remember you mentioning me being comfortable with a guy watching my kids. You played a hand in this, as crazy as that sounds, so thank you.