Living a Kid-Free Weekend

Kid freeSix weeks.

That’s how long it has been since Sean and I had a kid-free weekend. I think we have forgotten what to do with all the time that won’t be spent cooking for a crowd, attending kid sporting events, playing X-Box, board games, or going to a PG movie. I know this weekend will be boring, and we will both have an overwhelmingly empty feeling when we don’t hear Monkey stomping through the house way before we are ready to be awake.

Instead, we will have to find something to talk about without kid sounds swirling around us, and will probably be so bored with the lack of activity that we sleep in each morning. The thought makes me almost want to beg my ex for the kids this weekend.


Okay, not really.

Sean and I have been talking about this weekend for weeks. We love the time we spend with our kids, but have been giddy with excitement, planning lazy mornings in bed, late nights talking and sipping wine while soft music wafts through this house (thank you, Apple TV), ideas for dinners, and more. We planned to savor each kid-free moment we had together.

Now that the weekend is here, though, it hasn’t quite worked as we envisioned. Tomorrow I am shooting a wedding so I will be gone for 12 hours. Sunday is four days away from Thanksgiving, and we are hosting a large crowd for the holiday. After I recover from the long wedding shoot, Sean and I will start to work on Thanksgiving prep. At that point it will probably be time to pick up my kids.

Ever the optimist, I am not upset about our work-filled weekend. Tonight we have a wonderful evening in D.C. planned: dinner at one of my favorite sushi restaurants in the city and a Ray LaMontagne concert. More important than the great evening I am looking forward to tonight, I am happy to simply be with Sean. With our without kids, we love each moment we have together–regardless of the activity.

For Song of the Week this week, here’s the Ray LaMontagne song, “Trouble:”








5 responses to “Living a Kid-Free Weekend”

  1. Sounds like a beautiful start to the weekend. Enjoy every moment.

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Kath~ It was a wonderful weekend. I felt it went quickly though.

  2. Sip wine and listen to music without your pants on. I bet that will help you figure out what to do with the rest of your time. hehehe. Enjoy!

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Nicole~ I didn’t drink wine pantless, but Saturday morning I drank coffee naked. Does that count? :)

    2. HAHAHA! YES! Naked coffee-drinking, while a tad more dangerous, also acceptable. Glad you enjoyed your weekend. :-)