Life is Too Short To…

life is to short toWe often hear of people hitting 50 and having a midlife crisis. The reality regarding midlife is that we likely hit that point in our 40’s based upon life expectancy. While that may seem depressing, it’s more a reminder for me to live my life fully. Since turning 40, I don’t believe I have experienced the cliche midlife crisis, but I have been more mindful of how I live my life; it’s too short to not focus on living a more fulfilled, happy life.

Life is too short to…

What about you?

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2 responses to “Life is Too Short To…”

  1. I think I had mine at about 30, and it was immensely exciting, because it coincided with my exceedingly late maturation process. Bottom line: we all lived.

    Life *IS* too short, though – dance, dance, dance…

    1. Naked Girl in a Dress

      Whenever we hit that moment, Joe, it’s life altering. The “ah ha” moment when we realize life isn’t a dress rehearsal and we begin to live with more focus and mindfulness.